Our Kindergarten students were working very hard in the lead up to Mother's Day to prepare some special surprises for their Mums! Please enjoy the photos of KR and some of things our children from KW had to say about their Mums...

She dyes her hair red and black, but just a little bit of red. I make Mummy smile when she says “No”, and I say “OK”. That makes her feel really happy because I don’t usually do that.

Her favourite drink is water, and her favourite thing to do is clean the dishes. She doesn’t do much cooking because Dad is a really good cooker.

Her favourite thing to do is talk to some other ladies. I know she likes it because she smiles.

Her favourite things are ch words: chocolate and chicken. Even when she’s tired she keeps working, working, working.

I know Mummy loves me and she is so beautiful. She gives me kisses and cuddles. Her favourite drink is lemon juice and her favourite thing to do is “cook different things that I don’t like”.

I knows she loves me because she told me today. I tell her “you’re the best”, then she says “no you’re the best”, and then I say “you’re the best”, and then it goes on and on.