2019 Tuition Fees Schedule for Australian Residents

CLASS    FULL FEE PER TERM (four terms per year)
Reception (4 year olds, 3 days) (no concession)        $1,640
Reception (4 year olds, 2 days) (no concession)    $1,130
Infants (Kindergarten - Year 1)    $1,950


Sibling Concessions

Second child     25% concession
Third child     50% concession
Additional children enrolled          No charge

Please note that sibling concessions are counted by the number of children who attend Redfield and/or Tangara at any one Time. Sibling concessions do not apply to children enrolled in Reception.

Curriculum Materials & Activities Levy

CLASS     FULL FEE PER TERM (four terms per year)
Reception (4 Year old - 3 days)     $225
Reception (4 Year old - 2 days)     $150
Infants (Kindergarten - Year 1)     $275

The CMAL (Curriculum Materials and Activities Levy) combines levies for curriculum materials, small excursions and other education activities undertaken each term.

Application Fee

$200.00 per family

Enrolment Entrance Fee

$1,000.00 (for the first child)
$500.00 (for additional children)
Non-refundable, payable upon acceptance within 14 days

Building Levy per term per family


Further Information

Financial hardship assistance may be available. Please contact finance@pared.edu.au for more information.
Further information about school fees may be obtained from finance@pared.edu.au or telephone: 96511177.