Infants Coordinator's Welcome 


Welcome to the Tangara-Redfield Infants School. Our Infants campus caters for boys and girls five to seven years of age, while our Reception classes are specially designed for students aged four. On the completion of Year One the girls remain on the Tangara Cherrybrook campus and move up to the Junior School while the boys transition to the main boy’s campus of Redfield College situated in Dural to continue their Primary and High School education.


Tangara-Redfield Reception has its own dedicated building situated in Jacaranda cottage with facilities including a secure outdoor play area and access to school facilities such as the hall, library, Infants playground and chapel. Reception is a very important stage of development as it helps children get ready for school as well as preparing them for their future learning. Each child has a remarkable capacity for acquiring knowledge and skills in these formative years and the right kind of education can make a huge difference to a child’s ultimate academic success and the development of all facets of their personality. The Reception programme has been designed to meet these challenges and build on success. Communication, language and literacy are vital and our PreLit literacy programme supports children’s development in this area providing them with a sound foundation for learning to read.

The atmosphere and structure of each day are carefully tailored so that a great deal of learning is achieved in a caring and happy, play-based environment. The results are that children are well prepared and move up the school, happy and confident.

A three day programme for Reception runs from Monday to Wednesday and the two day programme from Thursday to Friday.

Kindergarten and Year 1

Kindergarten and Year 1 students are situated on the Infants Campus in a bright and welcoming environment in which a high standard of work and behaviour is achieved. The classrooms are well equipped with a wide variety of teaching resources. The children have access to a play area as well as to the school’s hall and other facilities. To gain a thorough grounding in the fundamental building blocks of education, focus in the Infants school is placed on the development of the 3 prime areas of Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional development. In their first few years at school each child acquires the necessary skills in literacy and numeracy upon which a first-class education is based. A strong component of the curriculum is the use of the WRAP (Writing Road to Reading) method of instruction to teach literacy. We encourage an investigative approach and a keen awareness of the natural world. Information Technology is used extensively. A class teacher takes all core curriculum subjects with specialist teachers taking Music, Sports, Library and Religion.

As children progress through the Infants school the programme becomes more formal and differentiation is employed to cater for the differing needs of each student. Students requiring additional support are referred to the Learning Support team giving every child the opportunity to reach their own personal potential.

Communication between home and school is crucial at this stage in a child’s education and the effectiveness and joy of early learning is enhanced when it is encouraged and continued in the home. To this end each child is assigned a mentor to support the family and provide practical guidance for character formation and growth in human virtue. This unique system of personalised education supports each student to be the best person he or she can be, ensuring they are well prepared to meet the challenges of the exciting journey that lays ahead. Please join us at our next Open Day where you can learn more about our wonderful School and see it in action.

Mrs Miranda De Andrade